What is Nicky’s commitment to fighting plastic?

The Sofidel Group, of which Nicky is a part, has committed itself to reducing the use of conventional plastic in its production by 2030 through:

  • new paper packaging for various product lines;
  • the growing use of recycled plastics or bioplastics;
  • the reduction of the thickness of the conventional plastic film used in the production process;
  • the elimination of disposable plastic objects, such as bottles, glasses, plates and cutlery, in their work environments, replacing them with more sustainable materials.

Find out more about our sustainability vision here.

Where can I find Nicky products?

Write an email to dilloanicky@nicky.eu indicating the product you are looking for and your area. We will let you know in which supermarket chain you can find Nicky.

Does Nicky Lemon kitchen towel have scented paper sheets?

No, Nicky Lemon kitchen towels are fragrant because the delicate lemon aroma is included in the cardboard core. The paper has no added perfumes.

On which Social Network can I stay connected with Nicky?

Follow us on facebook.

Why are Nicky products made of pure cellulose?

Pure cellulose from certified sources represents a conscious choice of environmental sustainability and a very high level of safety for the final consumer.

Where can I dispose of Nicky products packaging?

On the back of each pack is specified proper bins to put the outer packaging.Always keep in mind the provisions of the area where you reside and pay attention to the indication relating to the sticker formed by a triangle with arrows, in which there is a number inside. Find out more about recycling codes here.

What does FSC mean?

The FSC mark on Nicky products ensures that they derive from forests managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.
Find out more here.

What does “Dissolves in the toilet” mean for the Nicky Defend product?

Nicky Defend towels are treated with a particular technology that allows the towel to absorb liquids in a standard way, like a normal towel but, if accidentally thrown individually into the toilet it will dissolve.

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